The Famous Writer

Dry autumn leaf on an old style books

You’ll think yourself a marble bust. You’re slate,
And every creep and critic is a sponge
Who with a single swipe across your pate
Remakes it as their own so they can lunge
Full-tilt at wheeling windmills with your voice
And knock them over, pin the crime on you,
And leave you limp with little other choice
But shrug and laugh ‘What are you going to do?’
This gruesome sport is Fortune’s favorite game.
She steals your soul, that mindless, worshiped elf,
Until all that remains, an empty name
That rests, uncut, gilt-edged, upon some shelf!
So I’ve heard told the crippling curse of fame…
But still, I’d like to find out for myself.

Daniel Galef is a graduate instructor of English at Florida State University and an Associate Poetry Editor of Able Muse. Besides poetry, he also writes short fiction, humor, and plays; his story “Break Blow Burn” was just published in the 2020 Best Small Fictions anthology. He is currently seeking a publisher for a debut collection, Imaginary Sonnets.