Practiced Beauty

Shadow of glasses on wall. Dawn rays of sun

High-cheeked, dark-haired, toned like prehistory
put him to work, he carries out a platter
of the host’s hors d’oeuvres with a perfect pearly grin.
He’s full of stories. His? A mystery.
They say he’s left both men and women shattered.
Fluorescent late-nights could not engineer him:
his conversation pleases everyone.
Art, sports, wine, music, travel—it doesn’t matter.
And his name? More pleasing than a pseudonym.
He’s made of crystal. He’s blinding in the sun.
Fear him.

Andrew Szilvasy is the author of the chapbook Witness Marks, and has poems appearing or forthcoming in CutBankBarrow Street, Smartish PaceTar River PoetryThe Moth, and RHINO, among others. He lives in Boston with his wife.