Self-portrait as Ruth the Moabite

This beautiful Milky Way Time lapse was filmed close tho the Neusiedlersee in Austria. It was a phenomenal night capturing the Milky Way, Jupiter, Saturn and another phenomenon the glowing clouds.

How came I to this place of burning stars?
The words were in my mind on wakening,
As if I had gone journeying in sleep,
And then had found some branch to perch a while,
Some sanctuary world inside the cold,
And might no longer dream of what I knew
Did not exist: could surely never be.

How came I to this place of burning stars?
At last I set my mind to wakening
And promised that I would no longer sleep,
Nor take the hours as mine to waste and while
Because so soon we lie alone and cold.
To gain a home, I let drop all I knew
And yielded to my fate: to what might be.

How came I to this place of burning stars?
I gleaned the barley grain on wakening
And worked the field each day till felled by sleep.
I harvested the seed a weary while
Before my care could winnow from the cold
And dark the kernel of a life I knew
Could blossom and bear fruit: could come to be.

Marly Youmans is the author of fifteen books of poetry and fiction. Her most recent collection of poems is the sequence, The Book of the Red King (Montreal: Phoenicia Publishing, 2019.) Her latest novel is Charis in the World of Wonders (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2020.) Art in both by Clive Hicks-Jenkins of Wales.