Love Story


“Love stems from the sudden urge / to make permanent what only passes by” – Ramón Gómez de la Serna

It springs from mystery like window dew.
It glows in the abrasion of a match.
It fills the chirring morning with its scratch
of yellow, red, and orange against blue.

It comes of age in stations roamed by ghosts;
in photographs we hang to mourn our dead;
in promises of better days ahead;
in airport corridors and farewell toasts.

Surrendered to routine with its slow swell,
it ripens, cruising through the widest plains
as absentmindedly as outbound trains
tracing again the tracks they know too well.

Then one cold January night, a cough,
and Love, eternal passenger, steps off.

A mathematician by profession, Pedro Poitevin is a bilingual poet and translator originally from Guatemala. His poems in English have appeared in Rattle and River Styx, among others. Currently Associate Professor of Mathematics at Salem State University, he lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts.